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Complementary and Alternate Medicine (CAM) is becoming popular across the world.  Homeopathy is   the most sought treatment amongst the CAM in several of the European countries. Homeopathic doctors are in demand especially for diseases where the conventional medicine has less or no satisfactory options. Success of the practitioner depends on confidence, competence and ability to understand the patient. Most of the beginners establish “start up” clinics or join in the corporate clinical establishments. With experience, homoeopaths may move onto running seminars, tutorials, teaching at colleges/universities or other practitioners, writing articles, books and health journals. They may get involved in homoeopathic research, or advise manufacturers on the production of homoeopathic medicines.

There are many job opportunities both in India and abroad. After completion of study and training a homoeopathic practitioner can get employment as medical officer at government or private homoeopathic hospitals, medical colleges, Govt. Dispensaries or Non-Government Organization. Private practice is a proffered option by many because of the flexibility of working hours and good financial return. Homoeopathy offers career opportunities in research institutes conducting disease and drug related clinical research in both government and private sectors. They may work as administrator, manager, teacher, researcher as well as public health officer.  They can set up holistic treatment centres that are becoming popular in the country and attracting health tourism. Homoeopathic doctors can work in different industries engaged in homoeopathic preparations. These doctors can make a good career as a teaching faculty in homoeopathic colleges or undertake research through Research organisation.  Software development in Homeopathy, innovation and incubation centres for future development are also emerging in some parts of the country. Recent acceptance of Homeopathy in the many Gulf countries and the puritan teaching and practice are encouraging the demand   Homeopaths from India.  Thus, the scope of career option in Homeopathy are ample and growing both in India and abroad.

  • PUBLISHED DATE : May 07, 2015
  • LAST UPDATED ON : May 07, 2015


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