Pratishyaya(Common cold)


Pratishyaya(Common cold)

Sneezing, heaviness in the head, stiffness and pain in  body are Prodromal symptoms of  Common cold or Pratishyaya. Specific symptoms of Vatika, Paittika, Kaphaja and Sannipataja varieties of Praitishyaya are as follows.

1.      Vatika Pratishyaya: Obstruction to the nasal passage due to inflammation, watery discharge from the nose, excessive sneezing. Change in the voice and dryness of throat are the common symptoms of Vatika Pratishyaya.

2.      Paittika Pratishyaya: Yellow coloured warm discharge from the nose and feeling of hotness are the main symptoms of Paittika Pratishyaya.

3.      Kaphaja Pratishyaya: White coloured cold discharge from the nose, heaviness in the head are the main symptoms of Kaphaja pratishyaya.

4.      Sannipataja Pratishyaya: Frequent attacks of coryza are due to Sannipataja Pratishyaya.

Regional Name

Asam.       :        Panilaga

Beng.        :        Pratishyaya, Sardi

Dogr.         :        Jukam, Resha

Guj.           :         Sardi

Hind.         :        Sardi, Jukhama

Kan.          :        Negadi sīta

Maly.        :        Mukh-Olichil

Mra  .        :          Sardi

Ori.           :            Sardi

Panj.         :           Jukama

Tam.         :          Nira Kam Jalathodam

Tel.            :           Jalubu

Eng.           :          Coryza, Common cold


Simple kitchen based Preparations

1.      Decoction of equal part of Drakshā (raisin), Maricha (black pepper), leaf of Vasa (vasaka), Tvak-Dalachīni (cinnamon bark) and  Yashṭimadhu (glycyrrhiza) – 14 to 28 ml. is to be taken with 5 to 10 g. sharkara (raw sugar) thrice a day.

2      .Deccoction of  Tulasi leaves and ginger 15ml mixed with1gm  black pepper powder,may be taken twice daily.


1.      Tribhuvana Kirtī Rasa: 1 to 2 pill, may be taken with honey sufficient to make a paste or with-7 to 14 ml. juice of Ardraka (ginger) juice, twice a day.

2.      Naga Guṭika: 1 to 2 Vaaī, to be taken with 7 to 14 ml. juice of leaf of Tulasī (sacred basil) and 60 to 120 mg. powdered bark of Kaṭphala (box myrtle) twice a day.

3      .Godanti Mishran: 2-4 tablets twice daily with tea of tulasi (holy basil)and ginger.

4      .Dashmula katutrayam Kashayam:10-20Ml twice daily empty stomch with boiled warm water.

5.      Gorochanadi pill :1 pill mixed with 10 ml. of Dashmula katutrayam kashayam twice daily empty stomach

6     . Chukkumthippalyadi gulika : 1-2 pills twice daily   mixed with ginger or tulasi (Basil) juice quantity sufficient.

External Applications

1.      Prepare Nasya of powdered Shunthī (dried ginger) – 600 mg. in 5 to 10 ml. milk. Its 2 to 4 drops to be instilled in the nose. It is useful for stuffy nose.

2      .Rashnadi churnam : to be applied on head   around bregma or snuffed into the nose frequently

3.      Rhizomes of Curcuma caesia, (black turmeric or black zedoary )and dried amlaa(Indian gooseberry) mixed with a pinch of black pepper  to be applied on fore head in the form of paste made with breast milk


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